About Our Services

Our goal is to make sure you and your loving pet are perfectly satisfied, so please let us know if there is anything else we can do to meet your expectations.

Our professional full grooming service includes the following unless you inform us otherwise.

Bath and Conditioning

A luxurious scrub down of your favorite little fuzzball, along with a thorough conditioning to keep your pet shiny and sleek.

Dry, Fluff, Brush, and Deshed

No one wants a pet thats looking ruff! After your pet has been washed, they initially dry off in room temperature air drying just for a bit, then we take the time to dry them by hand and brush their coats to prevent painful knots and tangles. After your pet is dry and clean, we finish brushing the coat and gently remove loose hair. You'll be glad its on our floor and not yours!


Our classic cuts help keep your pets looking great. We offer many different styles for a wide variety of breeds, and we are happy to work with any specific instructions you may have.

Ear Cleaning and Nail Clipping

Dirty ears can lead to infections, ear mites, and other irritations for your pet. We provide full service ear cleaning and hair removal to ensure that your pet stays healthy and comfortable. Long nails can get snagged or torn, causing painful sores. We can keep your pet's paws in great shape with a nail clipping!

Bandana, Bows, Fragrance

After a full grooming, treat your pet to a bandana, bow, or fragrance to top of the perfect day.